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Why GOS 

At GOS Catering Services, we effectively manage all aspects of the food supply chain, from sourcing ingredients from local and regional farms, to transport and storage, to kitchen construction, to food preparation and meal service.


We have provided total food supply solutions to numbers of high profile customers  In Indonesia, we have been involved in many Offshore Project in Balikpapan, Sorong and many remotes and challenging area in Indonesia.


The scope of our national supply chain enables us to provide fresh, high quality food items to facilities located in remotes and challenging part of Indonesia . We utilize a fleet of climate controlled delivery vehicles and state-of-the-art warehouses to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the supply cycle. We can mobilize rapidly to build, operate and maintain fully functional dining facilities for Offshore Platform, Project Field and remote outposts anywhere that duty calls.


Our meals are prepared with the greatest attention to customers’ cultural and dietary preferences. We have experience catering to over 35 nations, and our specially tailored menus reflect diverse individual tastes and religious requirements. Using specialty ingredients sourced from around the globe, our talented chefs craft meals that are both delicious and healthy. In addition, many of our dining facilities feature on-site bakeries which offer a variety of fine baked goods prepared fresh daily.

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There are 5 corporate values that we believe dearly in our company:

  • Trust :  our company foundation stems from the act of trust. A trust we have for each other, trust we have for the sources and materials, and trust we have for the clients.

  • Value :  we listen, understand and respond to our employees' ideas and concerns, as well as our clients and the impact we had around us. This is what we do as we continually grow and expand to truly be the best option for your company’ catering needs.

  • Commitment :  provide excellent services every chance we get, while optimizing our output by carefully and ethically utilizing our sources. We are committed to consistently serve everyone our best service even at the most challenging of circumstances.

  • Integrity :  we do what we say - and we practice our operation with honesty.

  • Sustainability : we know mother nature is supposed to be enjoyed at its pristine condition for as long as possible, and we are making ways and initiatives to preserve and maintain the environment and control our impact as an industry.

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